Since lockdown I have seen lots of amazing rainbows in peoples windows as we walk around our village. My Aunt even made a rainbow ladder on the front of her house with colourful materials, I love it  because it looks really bright and cheerful. When we were out walking a couple of weeks ago I saw a double rainbow for the very first time I thought it was AMAZING, so I asked Mummy what rainbows mean. 

Mummy said it was a difficult question to answer because rainbows can mean different things to different people but that lots of people believe that they mean hope and the start of something new. Mummy said we often see rainbows in between the rain and the sunshine and that seeing them after the rain can help people to believe that the sunshine is coming and that things are going to get better. I like the sound of this a lot.

Whatever they mean I love them because they are super colourful and it makes me feel happy to see them, so I decided to get all my rainbow sparkle and put in onto the feature page of my website, I hope seeing it all makes you feel as happy as it makes me x